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Good day, and welcome to Bus Stop - a small talk message board. Each post remains on the site for only a day, after which, it disappears. Registration is not required, and small media files can be uploaded along with each post.

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I hope we meet again.

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Bus Stop supports uploading of the following file types:
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The maximum file size is 16MB.
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Surprise dance party

#3224 Name: Anonymous  3h
hey guys, do you have any good podcasts to recomend?
#3225 Name: Anonymous  4h
Does anyone remember websites? These might be unfamiliar to anyone unexposed to the internet before 2005 or so, and may be all-but-forgotten for many others, obscured by the last 10 years of relentless internet development, but before mass social media platforms and amazing business opportunities on the internet, it was largely a collection of websites made by people who were interested in some subject enough to write about it and put it online. Does anyone remember when you stumbled on a new website written by some guy and read his first article, then clicked back to his homepage and saw he had a list of similar articles that looked like they'd be just as interesting. You could spend a whole day reading just the stuff he wrote on that one website. In general, if you found a webpage with something on it you liked, or a writer you liked, you found that everything else he had on there was also interesting to you, and you could generally say you liked the person behind it. Some bigger websites at the time were like mazes with some of the words on each page hyperlinked to other pages on the site that were about each of those separate topics, and you had to open up multiple links from each page otherwise you'd lose them, and you wanted to read every word.
Another thing was that there was no dross, because everything had to be written and uploaded by a person. There was no standard format, since there were no real platforms that uniformly stylized anything. There was no sharing or commenting, although later that day you could talk to your friends about the amazing things you read. Most websites were written with html, so they were all unique. They were organic, as everything there had been added because the writer "had to add it" in order to complete the information he had to put out there, and it took a lot of time to make the material and the html page itself, and organize it all so that it worked properly for any guests (in a pretty true sense of the word). And usually the information there was available nowhere else. There were few pictures, mostly words, and almost all of it from the person who created the website himself.
Does anyone remember websites? It seems many or most of them have disappeared, since the WayBack machine only started saving sites for posterity in the mid-2000s and before that time, before platforms, websites were hosted by providers who rented space out to people, and after they stopped paying for them (the cost per month was around the equivalent of 2 or 3 hours of minimum wage, I think, through the same company that provided your home phone line and internet connection - sometimes you got some free hosting as part of your internet plan). Lately I've gone looking for them, and haven't found any trace.
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sometimes I listen to red scare or girls chat when I'm lonely and need a fix of parasocialising. prolespod and citations needed is good too for more serious stuff.
#3227 Name: Anonymous  5h
Why are you copy and pasting random bullshit? Just share an article link or something if you want to talk about it.
#3228 Name: Anonymous  6h
#3229 Name: Anonymous  6h
Hardcore History is great.
It's long, really long, but the quality of the content is worth it.
#3230 Name: Anonymous  8h
Not really. SSDs are great.
#3231 Name: Anonymous  8h
i found this search engine for old websites

#3232 Name: Anonymous  13h
I hate how growing up is just making me realize I am a pawn of my circumstance.
The gold metals don't seem so shiny anymore. Even personal ones.
#3233 Name: Anonymous  15h
Embrace being a meat robot and do your best~
#3234 Name: Anonymous  22h
He’s well within his right to do so on what is almost a textboard anyway.
implying implications

I guess you just like being disingenuous. Or maybe your SSD just hasn’t started dying on you yet.
99% of people who ever have and ever will be born are slaves. Slaves built the world.
#3235 Name: Anonymous  22h
Only by realizing and keep tracking of those circumstances can you eventually set yourself free.
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How do you create and run a website?
I want to create a textboard/imageboard where people could properly discuss manga and Japanimation but I don't know to to make it, like at all.
The site that I have in mind would look like the Channel4 BBS mixed with Futaba channel.
#3237 Name: Anonymous  1d
Would that be like 4taba?

Image attachments can be enabled in Kareha, but I haven't seen a board like that since Wakachan.
#3238 Name: Anonymous  1d
The easy part is making the site the hard part is getting people to use it.
#3239 Name: Anonymous  1d
Has your script got updates, auto scroll, quick full-text search, catalog with its own sort and search, single/multiple delete/report, dedicated moderation interface, static page editor, watchlist, notifications, themes and customization, thread/post/image hiding, clipboard upload, drag and drop, news, image inline expansion and lightbox, tree view, oekaki, media embeds with optimization to not load hundreds of iframes at once, markup, length limit and cut expansion that doesn't interfere with said markup, sticky threads, various spam and cooldown filters, video thumbnails, source search, DNSBL check, archive, banners, stats and maybe other stuff I'm currently not thinking of?
Some guy on 4taba wanted to do exactly that.
#3240 Name: Anonymous  1d
Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the songs of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!